Nigel Holmes

These pages contain a bibliography of Late Latin prose rhythm, from Apuleius to the end of the sixth century, divided into the following files:

  1. Bibliography by Subject
  2. Alphabetical Bibliography
  3. Chronological Bibliography

The bibliography is by no means complete: it contains only works that I have seen; several of the subject entries are lacking references to relevant material in works cited in the alphabetical bibliography. Freely available electronic versions are indicated, where known, with a link in the alphabetic bibliography. Many of the studies cited in the bibliography are in one way or other unsatisfactory. No single methodological approach is likely to satisfy all reasonable questions that a reader might have; equally few studies are completely worthless. I have occasionally noted where a treatment of some subject is particularly thin; this does not imply the reverse for those works without such comments.

Criticisms and suggestions are welcome.

Last changed: September 1, 2013